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Entrance to the resort from the river

Entrance to the resort from the river

The Quiet Story

Acquired as a rubber plantation by the promoters and much appreciated by friends and family for its beautiful locale, the idea of building a resort came about subsequently.

The objective was to enable guests to savor the natural beauty of the Periyar river, while staying in a homely setting, unhurried by rules as set in typical commercial resorts.

The Model - The resort is based on locally sustainable tourism with majority of employees being from the area itself. This provides local expertise while providing employment opportunities in the area.

The resort itself is mostly built with an architecture suited to the surroundings.

There are 2 stone covered cottages and 2 wooden cottages built using wood salvaged from an old traditional Kerala house near Cochin.

In line with the theme of being environmentally friendly, most of the wood used in the resort is recycled from old buildings and furniture. Abandoning planned architecture associated with most commercial properties, the resort is built keeping space and privacy in mind.